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Phil Kelly : Catedral


Phil does not own such distinctive traits, not only because he observes the world in order to learn and extract from its previously unassailable spirit, but also because he becomes part of it. In this sense, he doesn't really "learn" anything; instead, he recognises himself intimately in the destructive qualities of the fire-eater, in the sordidpleasure of his models, in a city which naturally and daily takes shape in hundreds of tubes of paint, half squeezed, impovising happiness, suffering, life.

Pura López Colomé

Ver 2000

Marzo Oaxaca, San Antonio, Texas. E.U.A.

The frederick gallery, Dublín, Irlanda.

Ver 2001

Recorridos, Galería Ittati. Ciudad de México.

Panther and Hall, Londres, Inglaterra.

La Ciudad y sus iconos, Museo de la Ciudad, Ciudad de México.

Ver 2004

Rebanando y Atizando, Centro Cultural Santo Domingo, Oaxaca, México.

The frederick gallery, Dublín, Irlanda.

Ver 2006

Poder decir, MACAY, Mérida, Yucatán. México

Los dos lados de la pintura, Inst. Cultural de León. Guanajuato, México.

Ver 2008

La línea desnuda, Espacio Cultural Metropolitano, Tampico Tamaulipas, México.

Ver 2009

El estado de la cuestión, Galería del Tiempo, Ciudad de México.

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